Terms & Conditions

Source Legal Online Terms of Contract


The following terms apply to the provision of any services by Source Legal Pty Ltd ABN 56 150 668 554 (Service Provider) to you (Client).


  1. The Service Provider shall ensure that the services are of professional standard and are provided using such skill and care as is usual for service providers performing services similar to the services.
  2. The Client shall pay the fees for the services as agreed between the Client and the Service Provider. The fees are exclusive of GST and the Client must reimburse the Service Provider for the amount of the GST applicable to the supply of the services.
  3. If the Client has purchased the services on a subscription basis, the Client shall pay the subscription fee on a monthly basis in advance.
  4. If the Client has purchased the services on an ad-hoc basis, the Client shall pay the applicable fee immediately upon the completion of the services (unless agreed otherwise).
  5. If the Client has purchased the services on a subscription basis, the minimum term for the subscription services is 3 months (Minimum Term). Following the expiry of the Minimum Term, either party may terminate this agreement by giving the other party one month prior notice.
  6. If the Client has purchased the services on a subscription basis, such services cover legal support in the ordinary course of business. The subscription services exclude matters outside of the ordinary course of business such as mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, litigation or specialised legal advice in areas such as Workplace Health and Safety or Intellectual Property. The subscription services are provided via email or telephone and do not include attendance of meetings or negotiations.
  7. The Service Provider shall not, except in the proper course of provision of the Services, disclose to any person any information of a confidential nature gained during the provision of the services except to the extent that the Service Provider is required to disclose that information by law.
  8. In compliance with applicable regulations, the Service Provider shall effect and maintain an appropriate professional indemnity insurance in respect of the services. The Service Provider’s liability to the Client arising on any basis (including negligence) in respect of the services shall be limited to any amount (if any) recovered by the Service Provider from the professional indemnity insurance policy referred in clause 8. 
  9. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of New South Wales.