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Important Information on Customized Balloons

Balloon printing business is the best money making business. Balloon printing companies are specialist in printing customized photos, text, logos on balloons according to your requirement. These companies provide you exclusive balloons of your choice for any occasions like wedding, birthday parties, opening ceremony, bridal shower, baby shower, friend’s party or even for any shops where they need sale printed balloons. These companies also take contract of decoration where they form decoration of balloons like balloon made gates, characters made of balloons, balloon trees, stage decoration and many other decorations according to your preference.

The main aim of balloon editing group is to make your event special. These companies provide group of experts who helps you to make your party a successful one by their marvelous job. The experts of balloon printing company suggest you various ideas like releasing balloons to welcome guests. There are many types of balloons like foil balloons, metallic balloons, rubber balloons etc. Now let us discuss different types of printing methods.

Foil balloons

Machines used for printing on balloons

Usually small screen machine is used in Balloon printing companies to print on balloons. Manual screen press machine is mainly used to print balloons. Rifco machine is also a very good affordable machine which is used in balloon producing companies.

How balloons are printed in companies

Basically there are two types of balloon printing- screen printing and litho printing.

Screen printing

The most well-known printing used in balloon printing company is screen printing. Screen printing gives the best effect which is usually used for printing on foil balloons and latex balloons. In screen printing the design is formed on the balloon by placing a screen on the balloon. An expert attaches plain balloon to the machine. The ink is pushed through the screen on the balloon due to which the designed is formed. Screen printing provides more dense ink coverage and it does not smudge. It also provides sharp ends to the balloons with outstanding color thickness. It presents more clear design on the balloon.

Litho Printing

Litho printing is less effective than screen printing due to which it makes less money than screen printing. Litho printing provides less dense ink coverage and it smudges more. In litho printing roller is used with ink on the design and then it is moved to the balloon. Due to less dense ink coverage the design becomes erratic and results in poor quality. Hence many of the balloons uses screen printing method. Usually in balloon printing business, screen printing is used more than litho printing as it is in more demand.

Printing of foil balloons

Foil balloons are made of stylish and special material called Mylar. This material is long lasting and not like the other normal balloons. The ink is filled into the screen and then pressed on the foil balloon to form the design. After the design is formed on the balloon, it is taken out from the screen and placed in a dry place. After it is dried it is ready to go.

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